French Linen Bite Sleeve Cover for Effective Dog Training


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  • Model: PSC2#1029 French linen + leather bite area Dog bite sleeve

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Easy to use bite sleeve cover for safe dog training

Are you in search of a worthy cover that can help you to prolong the service of the bite sleeve? Hurry up to get this outstanding bite cover! This synthetic item with handle is made to last long and is very durable. The item is padded inside for better shock absorption, so it not only protects the bite sleeve from damage but also your hands from injuries. The product is harmless for the canine's teeth and has perfect leather bite area. With the help of this cover only high results are guaranteed!

Reliable dog training bite sleeve cover

French Linen Dog Training Bite Sleeve Cover

Key features of this Sleeve Cover:

  • Interior padding for easy on/off sleeve fit
  • Outside control handle
  • Safe French linen with increased durability
  • Leather loops for sleeve attachment
  • Central bite grip area made of leather

Intended use of this Sleeve Cover:

  • Goes perfect with our protection sleeves
  • Fits most major brands sleeves
  • Create challenge with hard grip leather part

Train your four-pawed friend with this stunning bite cover and be sure to reach high results in it! This stunning item is manufactured from the material that is often used for the production of advanced training bite sleeves, bite suits and bite tugs. The stuff is really durable and harmless for the pet's health as it includes no harmful chemicals. Besides, the cover has leather covered bite area that allows using is not only for the initial stages of dog education. The tool can also suit for more advanced training sessions. Leather material doesn't absorb wet or dust, is easy to care about and harmless for the canine's teeth.
The cover is fitted with an outside control handle that allows to use it for off-arm teaching. It will not take you much time to attach the item to the sleeve. It fits most major brand sleeves and goes perfectly with the protection sleeves presented at our web-store.

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