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  • Model: DTE5#1029 59551 000 30 Dog sounding horn

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Brass Dog Horn that Makes Sounds

Have you started training your furry friend? Do you succeed in it? If not, you should pay attention to this device! It was proved that the main problem when teaching a pet is his inattention. Thus, we recommend you to use this outstanding sound horn for his training. The gear helps to attract the canine's attention, thus simplifies the process of education significantly. This tool is indispensable while training as it helps to concentrate the dog on following your commands.

Dog sounding horn

Dog Sounding Horn for Effective Training

Reliable dog training horn

Brass Horn for Dog Training

Key features of this Dog Horn:

  • frequency tunable
  • brass construction
  • influences only your dog
  • safe for human's hearing

Intended use of this Dog Horn:

  • dog training
  • hunting

Sizes available:

  • weight - 3.15 oz (90 g)
  • length - 10 1/5 inch (25.5 cm)


  • brass

This horn will become your reliable helper during the pet's training sessions. Its specific sound will help your dog to learn to follow your commands. Fix the specific sound or a sequence of sounds to some commands, and your furry friend will quickly adjust to following them. In future it will be enough for you to produce such sound and the pet will understand what he is expected to do. No more shouting at a dog! This horn will make your canine obedient.
The horn is produced from brass alloy. It has light weight that is almost unnoticeable by the trainer and is easy to use. The supply has attractive gold-like color and is protected from corrosion. So, the gear will serve you for decades.
The item is quite loud, so it may serve you as a perfect irritant to distract your pet's attention from doing undesirable things. Nevertheless, the sound is absolutely safe for your and your dog's hearing.

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