A ready-made training ground or the other constructed singly

Training ground for a working puppy

It is possible to buy a training ground for your puppy or construct single-handed. The proportions of the training ground should not be less than 1.5 : 3.5 m. You may temporarily lay newspapers on the floor. In one of the corners you should place a cage or construct a doghouse with a comfortable rug in.

Food and water should be placed as far as closer to the doghouse in order to make a puppy to leave its sleeping place as often as possible. A puppy should live in the premises protected from draughts, flies and other animals. You may also keep it in house or in garage.

If you are going to keep it in a garage then do not forget to have the garage illuminated all through the day. Make sure that it is a normal temperature and good air circulation in the premises.

Some dog owners prefer keeping their puppies in a closed pantry, bathroom or a kitchen. Altogether, if they are quite spacious it is possible then but at the same too risky-indeed, the puppies of working dog breeds are known to be very big and therefore they may cock up really.

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