Adopted dogs sometimes make excellent assistants


Adult dogs and little puppies happen to be found in such dog pounds due to various reasons. It is much easier to find an appropriate dog in these places rather than in nursery gardens where dogs are bred solely for money. Such doghouses more often than not do not even have a license.

The reasons owing to which dogs find themselves in kennel are often sad and even strange in many cases but sometimes just funny and they are: divorce, bankruptcy or the death of their owner and all these reasons are found side by side with fear of dog or even boredom.

Occasionally wonderful dogs are caught in Kennels. If you find a necessary one you should know that working dog is not necessarily to be thoroughbred. But, on the other hand, adopted dog may spring most unexpected surprises. Passive-aggressive dog may be dangerous and will never make a good working dog.

One should have a trained eye in order to observe some insignificant suspicious signs in the dog that would seem to be quite good.  This is so much the more important when you are unable to examine a dog before buying it. Getting an adopted dog is a lottery at best.

You should also understand that some surprises may lie in wait for you. The dog bought in that way may turn to be pregnant or suffer from hidden physical deformity. Therefore you are advised to be careful!!

Neighboring dog breeder

There may be a person among your neighbors who breeds dogs for no particular reason, so to say, for love of the game. Such people often say that “they just wanted their bitch to have posterity”. One may have bitch and male who “mated by chance”. Another may, for example, say that he wanted his children to take a look at infant puppies.

None of these circumstances can be a reason for breeding of dogs because such dog breeders know neither about certificates of Orthopedic Foundation of animals, nor about tests on blood coagulability, nor about tests helminthes, etc. They breed dogs meaninglessly. Unfortunately, this leads to regular expansion in number of adopted puppies.    

Professional dog breeders

Professional dog breeders sometimes do not have special premises for keeping dogs. Many of them live in common houses in town or in the country. The main thing that makes these people distinguished and speaks about their professionalism is a purposeful nature of the efforts. Professional always knows what he wants to achieve.

If, let us say, professional has a good pedigreed bitch he is quite able to find a male for her. Why not to find a true thoroughbred male having diplomas and rewards and in addition to that this person is capable to correct some hereditary defects of bitch?

Here are some general features peculiar to a professional dog breeder:
  • His dogs participate in competitions and dog shows;
  • He chooses the best dogs for mating, except that, not only among his own dogs;
  • Puppies are born at home;
  • Puppies are always under the care of an experienced veterinarian;
  • Bitch and her puppies get high quality food;
  • He is particular about what one wants to buy;
  • He sells puppies under contact;
  • If necessary he keeps a puppy in his home or room until he is sure that his dog will pass to good hands.  


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