Best working dog is not always the most expensive one

Assistance of a professional dog breeder

When puppies are born they look absolutely differently. If it is possible you need to turn to an expert in order to get his assistance during selection of puppy. Indeed every litter contains nice puppies and not absolutely nice. In order to see this little difference an experienced opinion of an expert is required. That is why it is quite useful to come in contact with a trainer before getting a puppy.

How much is the best puppy?

Average price for highly thoroughbred tracker puppy ranges from 500 to 1000 dollars. But you should bear in mind that if paying more money you are sure to get the best dog. Sometimes the highest price is appointed for the most ordinary puppy and people, suspecting nothing, buy it.  So, be careful always!

Generally, price range from 500 to 1000 dollars is determined by quality of breeding work. 1000 dollars are usually paid for the puppy whose forefathers, in both bloodlines, have titles or more chances to win in show rings, than cheaper puppies.  If you are not intended to present your pet in dog shows or linebreed it then it is not very important for you.

Let the price have no affect on your choice

It is not easy to follow this advice if your financial capacities are poor. But anyway if you invest a little more money now you will save them later. Do not forget that you are going to get involved in this business for long time and if you really want to have a true tracker dog you will have to spend two years for its training.

Not all dogs are trainable equally. Therefore if you need other 200 dollars above calculated sum you had better wait and put aside money rather than buy a worse puppy. You should believe that if you do like that you will not regret further.

The best is not always the most expensive
Many think that if they pay more they get more for their money. Not at all! Dog breeder may often sell a puppy at a low price only because a buyer is unable to pay more.

Dog factories

But what are dog factories? These are not kennels where dogs are raised only for profit. Owners of such kennels are not interested in improving of dog breed. They do neither vaccinate dogs nor give them OFA certificates. 

In many cases AKC documentation is maintained it could be worse, therefore you may get one puppy but the documents, supposedly for this dog, may belong to quite another dog. AKC inspectors do not examine every litter therefore they have to take breeders on trust.

Many of canine factories are awful to see. The dogs are kept in cages and do not almost get any veterinary help or get no veterinary help in both cold and hot weathers. Their cages are not cleaned, bitches labor right in their cages without being observed and therefore mortality of puppies is very high. The probability that the puppy bought in similar institution will turn to be good equals zero.


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