Combined training for tracker dogs, veterinary service

Combined training

Those people, who are very busy from 8 am till 12 pm every day, are recommended to combine training at home with training in a Kennel where lessons are held during your absence. When this method is mentioned you may hear the following question: “Will a dog obey its owner if someone else trains it?”

The answer: both yes and no. The dog obeys somebody it has established working relationship with. But this dog is to be habituated to work amid familiar surroundings. It is possible to say the one thing for sure: training in Kennel that starts and ends in a Kennel itself can’t be admitted as successful choice. 

There is the conviction that combination of training at home and in Kennel is the best way of training. On the one hand, professional trains a dog, but other hand, both the dog and its owner learn at their home.

Approximate price (including feeding): 600-800 dollars per a course.

There 2 main advantages of such training method:

  • The dog immediately starts to be taught by a professional trainer who does not make mistakes common to beginner trainers.
  • The dog gets accustomed to be in unfamiliar surroundings, in company with unknown people and animals.
  • The dog works learning not pay attention to strange animals, smell and people.

Owner begins to work with the dog that has already acquired general knowledge and is able to focus on own education instead of teaching the dog to do the things he himself does not show much discrimination in.  

The time appointed for “homework” is reduced halfway. Though such kind of training requires daily vital work with a dog and the most difficult part of this job is performed without your participation. During the following weeks it will be enough for you to contribute 20 minutes not more for education of your dog.

Management, care and veterinary service

Hopefully that your trainer himself keeps dogs and tend for them, and command the offices of experienced people. It facilitates the business, because your dog will get acquainted with nearby environment and surrounding personnel.

You should inspect the entire kennel. In the intervals between the lessons your dog will be in an aviary and before you accept this fact you need to make sure that all the necessary conditions have been established for it. The aviary must be clean and safe.

There must be water bowl made of stainless iron or another similar firm material, and also the aviary must be shaded in hot weather and as well as it must be sheltered from rain and snow. 

You should attend to your dog once a month at least (for example french. Bouvier des Flandres), but in order to keep its hair in good condition you should comb it fortnightly.
The dogs should be broken to management from puppyhood.

Do not wait for your puppy to be past the spoon; do start to break it to attendance and aviary. The older dog the bigger prison shock it will have. Growing, your pooch must acclimatize itself to the fact that its cage and cleaning is a usual part of its life.

Then you will not have troubles if there is the necessity to transport your pet to another city, or you will just want to take it along for holiday.


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