Educational problems of a working puppy are solvable

Education through prevention

This is one of the most important principles of professional dog trainers. If you follow this one you will be able to solve the two problems:
  1. You will bring up a puppy which at the age of one year will behave well not only when being in house but also in the yard.
  2. You will protect your property which is subjected to a big danger when a puppy is ill-behaved.
In order to understand this principle and use it successfully you will have to set aside all preconceived opinions and try to look at the world from your dog eyesight. There are some peculiarities of canine psychology you are recommended to know about:
  1. Dog is able to comprehend cause-effect relations. Of course it is unable to understand that gnawing of your shoes is an awful occupation. Value of objects is a purely human category. Dog is unable to tell the difference between your dress shoes and a stick or a bone. Nevertheless, if using an association method you may teach your dog not to touch your things and at that the method you use during training of your dog matters a lot.
  2. Dog will never accept a beating as a deserved punishment. Flaps and blows lead to the pitiable result-a dog will start being afraid of you and will be too obedient but it is quite undesirable for a working dog. Do not ever beat a dog! This will not do any good for you.
  3. Dog studies by trial and error method. If one day a dog attempted to do something and got a kick out of it or was rewarded for that it would try to do that again. In some cases this behavior turns to be a stable acquired reflex because the dog has acted like that several times and that action has already became a habit. If the result is negative a dog will not be likely to repeat it one more time.

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