Famous lawyer recommends to do...

Lawyer's point of view

There are some of utterances made by a lawyer who worked with many famous dog breeders, trainers and police officers. So, they are:

“Even a well-trained dog must be supervised all the time. Otherwise, curiosity and inexhaustible energy, peculiar to working dog breeds, may lead to disastrous occurrences.

As a lawyer I am very well aware that all the laws, including dog laws, may interpret the subject differently. However, in most cases just dog owners bear all the responsibility for their pets, all the more so if their dogs are tracker ones.

Generally speaking, one should always base oneself upon common sense. The dog must be inside the house or in fenced territory. One should set the signs and letterings warning of a dog in the territory which is your property. Moreover, it is necessary to minimize the accessibility to the dog’s location if it is no possibility to exclude it totally.
You should remember that the law considers the dog as potentially lethal weapon. In principle, the law declares that you have the right to use force against the other force, but if you involve your dog at that without taking into account all the circumstances, then you will be in a mess.

You must remember the general rule: you have the right to use your dog for your own and your family’s defence but not regarding your property. In other words, the judge will treat you more favorably if you were saving yourself and your relatives, and less-if you let your German shepherd loose on a person who tried to break your fence or damage your television aerial.
Before involving a dog in any situation, do think, if it is really necessary. For example, if a boy of thirteen weighting 50 kg entered the house, but you yourself are thirty years old man weighting 100 kg and, again, master martial arts, then use of a dog may be regarded as exceeding limits of necessary self-defense.
When you acquire a tracker dog, you should realize well that great obligations will be laid on you right now, much greater ones than those concerning another dog breed.  You must be the same strict with such dog as a sergeant with his troop, and, at the time, show love and care in order to strengthen your mutual attachment.

Besides, you should not ever forget that when unsupervised your pet is dangerous.When you look into dog’s eyes, yet again making sure that you are friends and your friendship is wonderful, but do not forget that just this dog, which movingly run saliva licking your face now, can be absolutely another one- wicked, powerful and pitiless.

Always remember, if you have domesticated it, then should be responsible for it, because it is an understatement to say that now you and your dog are connected. It is your continuation. To refuse form the responsibility for it is the same as to cast the blame for the accident on own hand”.


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