Housing conditions for your pet must be excellent

Professional view

Cathy Helfer is an owner and a leader of “Camp of best friends”- a Kennel where different dog breeds are kept and attended. Just there they are also trained. Miss Helfer has got her training experience and studied to treat animals while working with her brother, a well-known trainer Ralph Helfer.

In the days of old in their rancho they kept lions, elephants, chimpanzees and other exotic animals which became famous as actors starring in many feature films and television serials ( among  them famous “ Tarzan” with Bo Dereck starring).

When Miss Helfer was asked to advise the dog owners that look for put-you-up for their pets she answered, after reflecting on the question a little bit, that first of all a dog owner should pay attention to a person who would care for a dog.

This person must have a well developed “family instinct” in order the animal that became accustomed to the family did not feel abandoned and unhappy. Then it is necessary to examine housing conditions where your dog is gonna live.  A cage or aviary must be spacious enough, have a place for rest and a bowl with fresh drinking water.

It goes without saying that roofing is obligatory too. Miss Helfer supposes that such kinds of establishments must pursue “an open door policy” for the clients to able to see everything with their own eyes. You must be allowed in to get acquainted with everything but not just the place where your dog will be kept.

During the inspection please pay your attention to cleanness of the premises as it is very important. Miss Helfeer recommends asking who from the personnel will attend to your dog, you need to have a chat with this person and direct him to make everything you will see right.

If there is a necessity then you need to clean down your dog when it has the muzzle on but made only from soft materials. Visiting your dog you should try to see it with the person who tends for it. You must know what kind of relations has been established between them.

You should know that healthy problems may appear in your dog. Every dog breed is liable to these or those diseases and you need to keep in touch with a veterinarian in order to minimize the danger.

Veterinary science is not at a stop. Do try to understand whether your veterinarian is in touch with the latest achievements. At that bear in mind that not all vets can treat all dog breeds to the same extent.

Let us say if you have Rottweiler but a vet has serious reasons to be afraid of Rottweilers then that won’t do any good. Your dog will feel that people fear it and will become nervous or aggressive.

Trainers (ancillary workers, vets)

Interrogatory for check
How long time has been dedicated to this business?

  • What are their principles for communication with animals?
  • To what degree are the premises kept clean?
  • How they treat you (their attitude to you)?
  • How they treat the dog breed you have?
  • Are they afraid of tracker dogs (question for a veterinarian)?
  • How they feed dogs? What is the amount of food the dogs get? When?
  • Is water bowl always within the grasp of the dogs?
  • Do the dogs get some of antianxiety drugs or narcotics without notification of their owners?
  • Do they know what kind of treatment is necessary for your dog breed (question for personnel)?
  • Is there a private laboratory in their Kennel or they send the analyses to another place (question for a vet)?
  • Does Kennel carry out “open door policy”?
  • Are interior premises well-ventilated?
  • Are there shadow and shelters in the training ground?


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