It is up to you to decide whether to train your dog or not

To train or not to train

Many dog owners do not want to train their Rottweilers, German Shepherds, etc, because they afraid of holding responsible or think that their dogs are quite aggressive anyway. In both cases we deal with incorrect idea of training, furthermore not every person can be an owner of proper listening dog.  In fact, through correct education and training a dog learns to perceive that situations when its aggressive nature is required and when isn’t.

Almost half of dog education is based on obedience training and a dog must be taught to show its aggression only at the word of command. The accepted conviction that a dog becomes more self-sufficient if properly trained is a myth. On the contrary, if training is carried erroneously when priority is not given to obedience and execution of commands, then you are sure to have a really self-inclusive dog.

That is why one should be very circumspect while choosing a trainer. An untrained dog is an unpredictable dog, Any breed constitutes a danger if natural function of this breed is guard. It is wide-spread persuasion that you will not manage to make use of your dog’ guarding abilities if the dog has not been taught to guard.

If conditional reflexes, common to the dog, are not rewarded duly, then if there is an impending danger such dog can behave in the two ways- fight or escape. In 75% of cases untrained dogs prefer doing the latter.  
On the other hand there are dogs with inherent blusterous nature. They are ready to fly at the first comer and you are unable to hold control over this dog.

In that case you have a truly independent dog- disobedient and uncontrollable. It is quite unpleasant when a small dog is running everywhere trying to bite everybody. But when it is a dog weighting 60 kg, the situation is much more serious and may result in somebody’s injury if not death. It is considered that any dog not only big one but also a small one is to complete training on obedience (a full-time course of training).

Please, believe, this will prevent many accidents. Many dogs are at the same level of intellectual and emotional development as a three-year-old child. Dogs must be properly brought up and taught to know all the things needed. Therefore before getting a tracker dog at your home you should debate everything in your mind and think over whether you can be the owner of such dog or not.

If your pet comes down on somebody in the street then it is not a guard dog already, but just untrained, self-abandoned and spiteful creature. Such dog will ruin your life and bring a lot of troubles to other people.
A true guard dog is an animal, cherishingly bred, aptly selected, tamed and educated, enjoying love and care of all human family members.

Loss of such dog makes all the family to feel deeply offended and unprotected, uncomfortable, restless and unsafe and only presence of this dog can provide totally opposite experiences. If you were lucky to have similar dog one day, that you would not be able to live without it.  


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