You should treat you dog properly

Correct handling of your dog

One should treat a dog in the same way as two- or tree-year old child. It goes without question that as required by security you will not allow your kid to walk alone in the street in this age. Why then your dog should be allowed to do that?
People happen to adduce the following reasons preventing them from keeping a dog in their site:
  • the area of the site is too large and it can be paled properly in no way;
  • the fence has splits;
  • the dog undermines the fence;
  • children allow the dog to go for a walk
There is the one method to solve all the problems at the first stroke: you need to install a special aviary. If you are unable to catch the moment when the dog leaves your yard, you may keep it inside this construction. In order to make such aviary one should enclose a squire from 1.5 to 6 meters; the height of the walls must be 2 meters, but the construction is necessarily to be adjusted in concrete fundament.
How the dog can guard you when being inside the aviary? You had rather ask how it can do if running away all the time and may get under the wheels at any point. You should previously see about your dog to learn to live in the yard if you do not want to keep it at home. If it does not run away, none of aviaries will be of you to you. (Look the chapter IV).

Canine registration

In most cities people must register their dogs living in their dwellings. The registration helps to find out a dog if it was picked up by sanitary city department. One may register own dog in the nearest police establishment or in special offices, in this regard you will have to produce a certificate of vaccination against canine madness and pay a purely  formal tax on registration. Veterinarian services often visit the houses in order to check the number of the dogs living in these houses and look over their registration. If your dog is not registered or it was picked up by veterinarian services, you will be penalized. The laws relating to dogs are different in different states and countries, therefore it is important for you to get acquainted with the rules of dog management that are effective in your city.  

Maximal number of the dogs

Many local authorities limit the number of the dogs that can reside in the same house and it usually varies from two to four animals per person. You may get a license of dog-fancier or an owner of a kennel but in that case the number of dogs that are in your care will be considerably above the standard.   


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