Technique of quard training

Guard training

If you see that a trainer teaches a group consisting of 3 or more dogs than it is not a suitable place for your dog. An older dog is best to train alone. A young dog may sometimes study under an elder dog watching it and reduplicating its actions.

But when inexperienced dog owners organize group education for their pets where 5 or 6 dogs, or even more are present, the animals involuntary get a big kick out distributing this condition between each other. Such practice is not only useless but also dangerous.
What is the reason of this practice? The answer is simple: money. It is much more profitable for a trainer to engage in training of several dogs (a group) and earn from 60 to 200 dollars per hour for this work that is to reduce the excited animals to complete insanity anyway. At the same a training of one dog brings a trainer only 10 dollars per hour.

Why do dog owners accept that? Wellaway, some of them take doubtful delight when watch their pets becoming aggressive. For this reason, they return to this trainer again and again.
What can they teach the dogs in such a manner?

Any technique is powerless in the face of madness and similar groups instill only wickedness and habits of desperate squabblers in working dogs. But these are animals, indeed, which must be able to “step in” and “break” at the word of command! Such dog must show aggressiveness on a signal, in what connection do that only when a command is given caressingly.

A tracker dog must be taught to quiet down or, leastwise, contain aggression even when tantalizing moments are available. Such dog may sometimes inflame during training in private where it is under supervision but not in the group of the same aggressive dogs in the training ground and when the payment is 10 dollars per hour for similar education.

You should necessarily insist on your dog’s having a particular training course in its two first years of life. This period may be cut up to eighteen months if you are going to have your dog trained according to general education program. A trainer must teach only your dog in your place or by combining homework with lessons in the training ground.

The following question list will help you to estimate a professional trainer:

  • How long are you in this business?

  • How did it happen that you are a trainer now?

  • Where did you get your basic training by your present profession?

  • Do you have a license?

  • Can I attend your lessons and put a number of questions?

  • Do you work with all dog breeds?

  • Do you specialize in certain dog breeds particularly?

  • Do you continue to study under your colleagues (do you attend seminars; participate in international intercourse, etc.)?

  • If there are any opinions of your job I would be able to look through?

  • Do you have a video recording starring the dog that has had full-time training course? (Can I see such dogs in the training ground)?

If a trainer has been dealing with this matter for very long time then this will assure you a little bit that this trainer will not give up his occupation before the training of your dog is over. Besides, at least you will be aware that your pooch will not be the first pancake that is always lumpy.


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