Systems of dog training. Necessary recommendations

Attitudes to different dog breeds

It goes without saying that it is very important to ask a trainer if he professionalizes in some certain dog breeds. For example, if you have a Rottweiler dog but a trainer somehow feels an objection to breed Rottweiler, then such trainer is not suited to be a tutor of your dog.

You need to look for a trainer that will begin on your dog eagerly and moreover if he is an experienced trainer regarding this dog breed. Methods of dog training vary time after time. No one can tell about oneself that now he has worked out a conclusive view of dog training and knows everything about it.

The best experts learn under other professional dog breeders, veterinarians, company‚Äôs workers making dog equipment, but also under their colleagues including foreign ones. The Europeans have accumulated enormous experience in this area but unfortunately, within the recent years, even leading dog trainers have borrowed little knowledge from them. 

Some recommendations

First of all you should look up dog trainer background by asking the people, who already have dealt with this trainer. Yet, you should regard such comments critically. Sometimes one may meet dog trainers who have not the slightest idea of the people to which opinions references were made.

One should not think that the comments will be only positive. It is not in the least necessarily. Nowhere near is everyone ready to praise even excellent dog trainers. When the question of training is solved, the following precautionary measures may turn out to be useful:

  1. Read each article of the agreement carefully and keep the duplicate of it on the safe side.

  2. Do not agree to pay in advance for one or two years of education.

  3. Make sure that your dog is trained well conditions of its management are good. A domestic guard dog should be trained and taught all the time.

Sooner or later it will be possible for you to see your dog during training and to compare it with those dogs whose training is already finished. If you are discontent with one thing or another you may try luck in some other place.

Systems of training

Generally speaking, there are three different training systems. But, for a wonder, the trainers themselves are unable to explain audibly which system of training they hold to. If you take into use the descriptions of all the three systems thereunder then you will be able to understand independently which of them the trainers prefer most. So, the two main questions are necessary for that:

  • What methods of corrections are used?
  • What are rewarding and motivating means?
These three systems are:


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