Heredity of a tracker dog. How to find a good working dog

Where to take a dog?

So, you are determined to have a dog for own protection and protection of your family, then for one thing you will have to do the following:
  • choose a trainer;
  • ask him for consultation where to take a dog (a trainer will direct you to a breeder or an importer with best reputation.
  • with help of trainer you should understand for yourself what qualities must have good breeder or importer.

Good breeders always know what they want to achieve in their breeding. For example, if bitch has some deformity, male for her is chosen so as to recover this deformity in posterity. If it is impossible for you to see both parents of puppy do try to insist on seeing though its mother.

Of course it is better to see her in real life but if it is impossible ask her owners to show videotape or even though a photo of her. Then you should check pedigree of this puppy as well as certificates given to both parents by orthopedic animal fond. They certify that the dog does not have femoral dysplasia, i.e. enervation of hip joints.

This inborn abnormality can be frequently observed in German shepherds, Rottweilers and other large dogs. Do query about diseases common to the dog breed chosen by you. Ask if puppies have been estimated for normalcy, whether they have been vaccinated.

For example, parvovirus is mortiferous for Rottweilers and Dobermans. At the present time it is the practice when puppies of Rottweiler are administered with serosity every 7 or 10 days until they are 4 months old. Von Hillebrandt Disease (bad blood coagulability) is common to Dobermans. Males and bitches designed for mating must be examined for this disease.  
Bear in mind that if parents of the puppy were champions this just does not guarantee the presence of working qualities in it. There is a possibility to become a champion in the ring, but beauty and working qualities are nowhere near connected among themselves.  Look for evidences that parents of your puppy came to the top not in a dog show but by their actions.
There are two ways for that:                 
  • To see them do something (better in life but it is possible in the video);
  • Study the documents (if parents took a prize at competitions and most likely their working qualities also affect their posterity. 
Good dog breeder will eagerly tell you about merits and demerits of his puppy regarding both bloodlines. All dogs have demerits but dog breeders are available in order to correct them. Dog breeder must sell a puppy to you only under contract where must be guarantees that at the time of the sale the puppy does not suffer from moronity and it does not have disqualifying abnormalities.

In the latter case the guarantees are usually effective until the dog reaches its two year old. If the deformities mentioned in contract are found then different compensations are designed (paying back, other puppy or second puppy for reduced price).


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