Having an adult dog equals to having a used car

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Imported adult dog


  1. It may make a good working dog trained according to European standards.
  2. It may be a representative of excellent pedigree bloodlines (for breeding objectives).
  3. Well-trained, ready for work (may need some training and education in order to make a good domestic guard dog).
  4. It is guaranteed that the dog will not be changing (in temperament and exterior).
  5. The possibility to examine health status of this dog immediately.
  1. Working instincts may turn to be very strong.
  2. European dog breeders may send a culled dog (cowardly or very aggressive).
  3. If the problems arise at the end of a guarantee (usually two weeks are given), an importer won’t take his dog back.
  4. Too poor choice.
Purchasing of an adult dog is similar to buying of a second-hand car. Therefore, you should check, check and check again. Sometimes on the first gaze the dog may look healthy but nevertheless different problems may arise in future. This is connected with genetics, past experience of the dog or different diseases such as encephaloma. These dogs happened to bite and attack people including fatal accidents. It is important for you to choose a dog with help of an experienced veterinarian and trainer.


For years long practice some famous American trainers have dealt with a lot of dog breeders. Conventionally they fall into two groups: ones are more concerned about exterior of their pets whereas the others–about working abilities. 

Meanwhile, the both characteristics are important: common sense says that the one is unable to be without the other as they complement each other. Actually, a good guard dog with bad eyes, weak legs, etc is nonsense. On the other hand, a beautiful but too stupid dog will turn your life into a nightmare.

The dog that is sound of body and mind and with good working abilities for all that it lacks external beauty but these qualities totally atone for this deficit-this is what you need to strive for.  Needless to say, this aspiration matters only on conditions that the standards of each dog breed are observed.
Best breeders wish their dogs to have beauty, health and good working abilities. With current condition of genetics it is too complicated task because every organism carries recessive genes which are able to appear only across several generations.  That is why the worth of a pedigreed dog is specified in the third or fourth generations, i.e. after a lapse of some years.

One of the Florida Kennels attempts to rear Rottweilers that will be able to participate equally well in the ring and in sporting events.  For that the owners of the Kennel have visited Germany many times.

They were asked for what reason they did it. Their answer is that a Champion of United States of America must not necessarily have working abilities because it neither undergoes tests nor participates in competitions on Schutzhund system wining ranks and top places like working dogs in Germany do.

Getting a litter from an American champion you can’t be sure that all the puppies born will be working dogs.

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