You had better provide a training ground for a puppy

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So it is better for you to provide a training ground for your puppy. Since a puppy is not still 4 months old and therefore all necessary vaccinations have not been done as far you should protect it against the danger of infection with some disease.

When your puppy is 7 weeks old up to 4 months you should:
  1. Keep your new family member clean and safe.
  2. Do not take your puppy to public places: parks, walking grounds, training grounds, etc. (Contact with other dogs spells the danger of infection. The places which adult dogs used to visit are also dangerous.
  3. Give your puppy secure objects which it can gnaw but you should hide the dangerous ones from it.
  4. Gradually you should introduce your puppy with everyone who will become a part of its life soon, videlicet: birds, domestic animals, children, etc. (The earlier you will do that the better for a puppy therefore do not delay such acquaintance for far later time).
  5. Ask a dog trainer to call on your home and explain how you should teach a puppy of this age. (The lessons should be short maximum 10 minutes as a puppy is unable to focus on something singular. All its achievements must be rewarded.  

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