List of diseases that are observed in working dogs

Look for a professional dog breeder

When you choose a necessary puppy do not grudge time. A buyer who follows his sudden emotions and impulsions make a greatest mistake. But it is very easy to do that –one just need to feast one’s eyes on a charming bushy neb and the feeling prepossessing you will do violence to your understanding.

But you should consider that this charming baby may make you serious veterinary and psychological problems. In order to avoid them you will have to fag. Best you should deal with good dog breeder and a trainer or cynological club can help you to find him.

When you choose a dog for protection of your house and family the two things are to be of primary interest to you: health and working qualities of dog. Beautiful exterior is not very important. Do attempt to find a puppy whose parents you may see during work or whose parents have diplomas. It will make you sure that your future pet will also rise to the occasion.
If you are interested in some certain dog breed you should inquire what health problems are expected to appear in the dog of this very breed. Make sure that parents of your pet have been tested on the same diseases. Eventually, you are advised one more time: before making a final choice you need to try to give a glance at puppy’s mother.

The following diseases are observed most of all:

High dysplasia (weakness of hip joints)

German shepherds and Rottweilers are known to be subject to this disease. The issue is that joint head and joint recess articulate loosely. Sometimes the recess may be not too deep. One way or another thigh dysplasia may result in dog’s invalidism or at least may restrict its ability to work to the full or completely. Though certificates of its parents do not guarantee the absence of this deficiency nevertheless they make it possible to dog owner to look to best result.  

Disorder of thyroid function

This disease is very popular among Rottweilers and Dobermans. It may lead to adiposity, distress of genital function and skin diseases. All this, finally, has influence on working abilities of a dog.

Von Willebrand's disease

Poor blood coagulabilty may be often observed in Dobermans and may for example cause death during docking.  
Vaccinations and vermicidal procedures
You should also find out whether a puppy was vaccinated against the most popular infectious diseases and if it took anthelmintic medications.
It depends on portion of the country you live in what out of mentioned below list will be especially important for you.
  • roundworms
  • tapeworms
  • heart worms
  • eelworms (hookworms)
  • crown-ultramicrobe
  • parvovirus
  • distemper
  • hepatitis
  • leptospirosis
  • parainfluenza
Inoculations and vermicidal procedures are carried out in the first month of puppy’s life and must be almost finished till it appears in your house. 


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