Not a panacea

Important lines

A dog can't be regarded as an absolute safety guarantee. Generally, nothing can be such guarantee: either weapon, or signaling systems, or a dog. It can be said with confidence, that the more precautionary measures you take the more dependable your security.

But it should be noticed that a dog is the only from security guards which can act as a warning, as signaling system and as a guard simultaneously, being nuts at that, when it is not used with the view to guardianship.  
A well trained dog is a joy which is always with you. Such dogs play with children, weekend and vacate with you, and behave with you exactly the same as all other dogs whose major assignment is to be family companion and pet.

The difference just is in that they are taught to be responsible for safety of all the family of its. These dogs know that a stranger is not allowed to approach you without being invited, but if you say such dogs that everything is OK, then and only then they will permit an unfamiliar person draw near or enter the house.

At the word of command they will detain an abuser without making any sound or when it necessary they will start barking and will be keeping him under guard if you order them to do so. Such dogs were disciplined by good training, they are noted for high level of obedience and controllability of all own actions.
Now we should discuss about the things one cannot expect these dogs to make under any circumstances.
Before all, you should know that such dogs are unable to understand cause-effect-relation. All their actions are dictated by absolute and conventional reflexes. You should have the clear idea that a dog can’t understand causes of events because it is necessary for both your safety and realization of your responsibility.

Even if a dog did a good training course due to which its natural abilities were developed, then you are completely responsible for application of these abilities by your dog. A wrong decision can bring you and your dog a lot of troubles.

For instance, if someone swings a bat near you or friendly but strongly smack you on the back, then it may awake the conditional guard reflex in a dog. You will have to “read thoughts” of your dog in order to say “OK” in time.

Where from your dog can know that a person act on the basis of best intentions? A dog is unable to tell the difference between bad and good people. Yard is a public place and it is nothing for your dog to do there if uncontrolled by its owner or without being on the leash. 



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