Other tips to observe when choosing a tracker dog

Breeder and his economy

You should all to the mustard look closely to the environment where a puppy lived prior to getting to your house. Puppies must be born indoors and be there until their eyes are open up. It is important because during first days of their life, puppies are still unable to regulate own body temperature and may easily die from supercooling or heat stroke.

Blind puppies must be kept too warm and this warmth they get from their mom. It is not an easy task to keep them clean because they always suckle their mother and relive themselves. Nevertheless, a breeder who sincerely concerned with his business studiously cleans after them.

Most of breeders in turn ask for security from you that you are able to keep a puppy. Generally, the way out of this situation is as follows: a breeder comes to your home to make sure in situ that everything is ok with housing conditions.

When you are going to choose a puppy it is a good thing to take along an intelligent companion who is able to evaluate the parents of a puppy fairly and run supporting action during examination of the documents, contracting, etc. Choosing a puppy is a matter of paramount importance. At this stage the risk is inevitable but it depends on you how to reduce it.

If you think that an adult dog is more suitable for you than a puppy, turn to the service of an importer. But beware of intermediaries! The intermediaries are those who earn their living by buying dogs only to resell them and do not look to them at all.

Addressing to importer you are taking hazards. Nevertheless you can reduce this risk if you settle the points of the following from the importer:
  • What organizations he is in contact with (if importer delivers dogs for police or connected with government service then you may deal with him);
  • What the guarantees are (run of validity, forms of compensation, etc.);
  • What the evidences on physical condition of the dog are;
  • What to do if the dog just has not hit your fancy.
Importers are usually in connection with European cynological clubs. They have agents there who select a dog in accordance with your requirements. Then they send its photo, copy of pedigree and appoint a price.

Frequently it is more profitable to buy an adult, well-tried and trained dog than to spend a lot of time and money for training of a puppy and then to find some physical or mental defect in it. However you should bear in mind that at times European breeders try to bargain off not their best animals.

Besides, if some club in Europe supplies the dogs to American police this still does not mean that such dog is necessarily to be suitable for you as well.  A police dog must be more aggressive than a working dog. Your dog must be more endurant of the wider public. Do avoid of wicked dogs.

You should remember that there may be children in the house; quests, neighbors, etc. are likely to come round to see you. Immediately bring your dog to a veterinarian in order to examine it thoroughly at once. If it is something wrong with it you should assume measures urgently. The most important in this case is that your dog may not have time to get accustomed to you.  


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