Peculiarities of education through prevention

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But if your dog attempts to act like this once again anyway and its reaction will be unpleasant for it then the dog is unlikely to repeat this again. Thus, conditioned responses are developed in the dog and if using them you may make your dog behave as you want and prevent it from behaving improperly.
  • 4.The difficulty of this training method lies in the fact that the result of any action may not be always the same. In that case a desirable action does not turn into reflectory one. Dog thinks that if some of its action result s in getting a pleasure all the same, then it should repeat this action as many times as possible attempting to enjoy again. That is why it is so important that the results of your dog’s actions should depend on you but not your dog.
  • 5.You may say: “Excuse me, but I am not sure, that my dog knows when it does wrong. When I come home but it did something bad it guiltily lies down the floor. But if my dog behaved good it greets me cheerfully”.
This behavior makes itself easily understood. A dog remembers the consequences of events which lead it to a certain result. There is some example: an owner leaves his home, his dog gnaws and breaks something; the owner comes back, swears at his dog, beats it, the dog hugs the floor.

After several times of such “education” your dog will lie down before you not in fault bound but because it is well aware of the order of the events. Dog is unable to understand the irregularity of own behavior.

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