Summertime Dangers. Keep Your Dog Safe when Walking

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July 29, 2013 


We teach our dogs to behave appropriately to safe them from troubles. We protect both our dogs and surrounding people when train them and warn accidental bites. 
Still there are some specific dangers we’d like to protect our dogs from in summer.
For dogs as for people there are two main summer dangers: heat/sunstrokes/burns and poisoning.
Insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, we extensively use in our gardens, may cause poisoning, so it’s highly recommended to avoid walking pets on lawns that have been recently sprayed with any of these substances (if ingested, they even can cause death). As a precaution, we may rinse dog’s paws with water after walking.
Coolants used for cars are known to have a sweet taste for dogs, so be aware of the possibility of their leaking from cars. Tasted even in small amounts, they may cause death.  
And, perhaps main summer danger is walking your dog in the sun. Burns on skin and on paw pads are very painful and dangerous. Your dog may not show his discomfort when walking along a hot pavement, still you wouldn’t wish to sacrifice his health to his devotion, would you?
Try to keep your beautiful dog away from hot pavements and enjoy this summer keeping safety in mind! 



Designer Leather Dog Collar With Vintage Massive Plates

Remarkable exterior. Massive vintage plates. Quality Adjustment System. 
Put this collar on your dog if you want him to have grand air when walking / training. 
One more undoubted benefit of this collar is its protective qualities during walks in night hours - metal plates playing a role of neck protective shields for your dog.
Extremely lightweight. Durable and Safe Nylon. Tasted Quality.
This harness may serve as a reliable protective means: due to the front reflective strap which in no way restricts your dog’s movements or irritates skin he/she will stay visible for moving vehicles and passers by in night hours. 
Due to wide straps this harness is extremely comfy for a dog to wear.