Tactics of painless separation of a little puppy with its mother

First day in house

Of course you want to reduce the physical trauma of a puppy because of its separation with its mother, brothers and sisters.  In order to soothe it you should take a puppy from its mother at the age of 7 weeks old.

The matter is that during period from 8 to 12 weeks puppies feel great qualms and if your puppy overcomes the stress caused by separation with mother just during this period, then a bygone trauma may adversely affect its further development.
If it is possible for you to bring a puppy in the morning or though in first half of a day-do it, as then the dog will be able to familiarize itself with surrounding environment before being left alone for all the night long; you should attempt to provide the puppy with the same food it ate in its previous owner.

In no case you should change its ration immediately. A puppy is overstressed anyway because the medium, always familiar for it, was suddenly changed therefore it is no need to increase the stress. Alimentary system of puppies is very sensitive and needs a gradual adaptation to a new ration.

If you are determined to change a puppy’s diet then you should do it not earlier than after three weeks at that only 25 % of the diet should be changed every time.


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