The three most important matters

Education of a puppy and initial training

Now your charming puppy is beside you and you are quite ready to set about its training. But first of all you will have to care for such important matters as vet, feeding, safety of a dog and providing you puppy with all the things needed.

The three major problems


You should examine general physical state of your puppy as soon as possible. You must do this procedure immediately because if you find some deficiency in the dog it will be possible for you give it back to its previous owner. It is much worse if such necessity arises later when you and your family members already become attached to a puppy.

Necessary inoculations prescribed by a vet should be also done. Do consult a veterinarian as for your puppy’s diet, vitamins and various food supplements. Some dog breeds need one thing others-something another. Professional dog trainers think that if chicken, mutton, rice are included in the menu of a dog, it does not need protein supplements. 


Unfortunately, many forget about it. For safety of your puppy you should place all questionable objects that may injure it out of its reach. Also you should restrict its movement. Indeed, a lot of dangers threaten this small creature! Another animal may hurt it, it may be lost, be run over by a car, be stolen, etc.

Puppies are very fond of gnawing everything. Check for any poisonous plants available in your house or garden. Take away and rather far off soap powders and scours. Keep away electric wires and small objects which are usually swallowed by puppies. In fine, do behave the same as if a little child was in your house.

Keep your puppy in fenced area (cage, training ground, run).The area must not contain any unnecessary things.  

Provision with all the things needed

You should provide your puppy with all necessary things and care. Make sure that it has all the needful in order to live fully- fresh food, clean water, the roof over its head and that neither car, nor swimming pool, nor fall from a height utters threats for it.


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