Tracker dogs trained under pressure

2.    Overpowering training

This system of training is quite opposite to the first one. The main point of it consists in suppression.  The key commandment goes something like that: “ Do or it will go hard with you!”  Alpha equipment is a choke collar.

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There is a popular opinion that such training method is excellent and yields the desirable result much faster. Probably it is like that but however during this training the dog becomes slow and its strength of mind turns to be cut up. Furthermore working dog often thinks that the punishment proceeds not from you but from the collar.

If you remove it all the educative process will go to smash and you will have to make a fresh start. Using a force a dog is taught to bring a thrown object. It is bitten in the ears and on the dactyls until the object for fetch will not be between the jaws of this dog. Some trainers are known to have made their dogs literally howl with pain during training.

It is a sad spectacle when poor pooch tries to do away with the punishment and at the same time it does not know what to do for that. It is much easier to teach a puppy to fetch an object but not to make an adult dog suffer by involving similar methods in training.

Overpowering training with use of choke collar is also applied in those cases when a trainer loses his patience completely while dealing with the dog that is unwilling to do anything.
When a dog is taught not to take from unfamiliar people and not to pick up food from the ground or habituated to snakes it is impossible to do without beats.

However, it may serve you the bad turn as well. In the eyes of many trainers, an overpowering training is essential or admissible only when it needs to keep a dog or its owner of dander (the attempt to poison a dog, snakebite, aggression towards strangers, impendence of getting under car wheels, etc.).

And even in this case you need to try to use the other training methods at first. Avoid meeting trainers who use forced training as a basic technique. Otherwise the nature of your dog will come to harm, and neither it, nor you will acquire a positive experience.

Group lessons, training at home and in combination with training in a Kennel-are the three training methods suitable for you. The more time a trainer spends alone with you and your dog the higher price you will have to pay for such education.

But at the same time you should not judge the quality of a trainer’s work by the price that he puts on his service.
Optionally, it is possible to find a good trainer with low priced service of his.


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