Training in a team and individually

Group exercises

Generally, this is the least expensive and effective training method. Most of all group lessons are kept in town parks, resting places, Kennels and in the training grounds. They are inefficient because exclude or almost exclude close contact of a trainer with your dog. If your dog is aggressive and uncontrolled you will be asked to go out of the group.

The payment for such training usually ranges from 50 to 195 $ per the course during 5-15 weeks. As a rule, no problems connected with habituation of a dog to household furnishing are solved there, the matter boils down to execution of 5 major commands: “Heel!”,   “Come!”, “Sit!”, “Stand!”, “Down!”

Some dogs learn to do that quite well. In whole, however, training effect of group exercises does not exceed 30-50 %. If you target to train your dog as a guardian of your house then you had better choose a personal trainer who will be with your dog face to face.

A good trainer wants a dog to have learned general training course before setting about a special course. The dog is considered to be ready for this special training if it knows the five major commands and performs them equally well whether being on the leash or unleashed.

Group exercises are suitable for domestic dogs with mild nature but also for obedience competition training provided that the owners themselves though have an idea of all this procedure.

This is the other advantage of group lessons that consists in dogs’ getting communication skills and that advantage makes it easy for such dogs to get along with people or other canines. Things are only going to get worse! The approximate price is 50-195 dollars per the course.    

Home training

 This training is made only inside the house where the dog lives. Such method has a number of advantages. Before all, a dog studies to behave properly as applied to the environment surrounding the dog and those situations being typical for namely just space.

The main disadvantage is the shortage of communication. The dog dwelling at home all the time and never meeting unfamiliar people or other dogs face to face when coming across them may turn to be aggressive or, on the contrary, cowardly.

It would not be bad if during the first year of your dog’s life you will be leaving the dog in the care of your acquaintance you place confidence in; this will help to prevent your dog from being much traumatized by the meetings with strange people in future.

Sometimes home training does not bring results and not only because the owner himself does not display much perseverance at such education. Frequent repetition of the same thing is a tiresome business but it is the most important facet of home training.

As a matter of fact it is neither more nor less than education of the owner teaching his dog in turn. They both should permanently make “the homework”, otherwise the occupation you can't get there from here. The price quoted for that training is approx 395-595 dollars for a course.


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