Training programms and a trainer for your dog

Choosing a trainer and training program
Before choosing a puppy or a dog you had better chose a trainer who will be a teacher, tutor and friend for your pet in the following months. It will be logical enough if just he will recommend you breeders or importers to whom you may address. The best trainer is that who can be a breeder and/or importer at the same time.

If you managed to find a worthy trainer you may consider that you have overcome the most important and maybe the most difficult part of the way at the end of which you will have what you want-loving and well-bred member of family. It is very important that you should find time to make “homework” consisting in the work of a trainer with his pet.

You need to remember: it is much worse to have a bad trainer than not to have him at all. Such person is able to make your dog cowardly or awake an uncontrolled aggressiveness in it.

Which qualities are necessary for a good trainer?

A good trainer is not necessarily that one who has the most chic office or car of the latest design, the largest aviaries for the dogs or that impose upon the profane. These prosperity symbols are neither connected with honesty nor knowledge of own business anyway.

Do have in mind that it is a great difference between a good trainer and a prosperous businessman. A beginner is unable to puzzle out what qualities the trainer should possess first of all. You will have to meet with the fact that each of the dog breeders or trainers has his own philosophy and very often they look at the same things in different ways.

But at all events the conversation does not involve great expenses, the conversation with a trainer is a training itself yet. For better understanding what the trainer is, you should observe those dogs that he works with and which training is already over. You will not spend anything beside your time but you can’t do without this charge.

What is more, the observation process itself will be very useful for you.


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