Tricks of individual dog sellers

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One dog seller himself indicated in such agreements the following: if some doubts in regard to a veterinarian, a dog breeder or even a buyer arise he will certainly take the dog back.   
Do not trust the people who want to sell you a dog “as it is” without making it possible for you to examine and hand it back.

They are probably aware that this dog is not all right and by selling it they just want to do away with the problems connected with it by putting all the difficulties on you. It will not concern you if you deal through dog breeders’ or importers’ help. These people will give you a guarantee as they care for own reputation.

On the contrary, individual seller has nothing to lose when gets rid of the dog with such deformity. In addition he may just be unaware of necessity for quarantines that will save you a lot of probable troubles as for his dog. But if you anyway are going to buy a dog from an individual man it is absolutely reasonable to apply for the help of a dog trainer who will consult you on this matter.

What should be considered particularly?

Professionals can check a dog much better nevertheless there are some tests available which you can use by your own in order to check your dog.

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