What a professional trainer is

Additional inspection

It will be interesting and useful for you to know why person becomes a professional trainer and what the reasons for such choice?

Maybe he was brought up in the family which members were dog fanciers?
Or participated in dog competitions and tests and as a consequence chose right this profession?
Or read a book and decided to become a trainer?

Eventually, the most important: what is the real reason for this his occupation-love for dogs or money?
You won’t be likely to get a definite answer to the last question but the shades may say about many things.  
There are many preceding experiences influencing the choice of training profession. And before making a professional trainer the person was:
  • In apprenticeship with a professional trainer;  
  • In employment of a Kennel where gained necessary experience;
  • In military service where learned to handle dogs;
  • A member of war dog training club;
  • On the cops and in service of K-9
  • Good at the learning on his own by reading relevant books, watching taped films, etc. (the most undesirable variant!).  
  • These are the most popular reasons.
Each of the methods has advantages and disadvantages and none may be considered the best one. Each method helps a future trainer to get own point of view about everything and, if you will, own philosophy that, however, must be flexible and not transform into a dead pattern.

For example, there are big distinctions between the dogs trained for military or police service and those trained for protection of house and family. Of course, it is the same the technique to be applied for training, but a domestic dog is to be taught to be in contact with matchlessly more number of people that military or police dog.

In order to live in family a dog should know that spoiling of houseplants and biting of shoes are bad actions. In the military and police such problems are absent. It is better to train a domestic dog at home-at its “workplace”, so to say. Over and above, an owner himself must undergo training together with his dog. 
It is necessary to make sure that the trainer of your dog should prepare the dog for real live situations, which may happen any time but not for sporting events. Though some kinds of competitions involve the same training methods that used during training of the dog for personal safety, the application of these methods is different in fact.

You are unlikely to want to spend your money for your dog’s performance only in athletic field. Yes, the dog will be well-trained but this education is too specific: it will rather respond to outfit and equipment meant for competitions than to a person. It is not accessible for a good guard dog.

A trainer is obliged to present his license to you. If some doubts are casting upon this document you should inquire appropriate organizations of it. But if the trainer stands against your attending of training ground, he is not a professional. Expansiveness is an obligatory quality of true trainer.  


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