What you should know about training of your dog

You have the right to put questions

A trainer may not disallow you to take a glance at your dogs (all dogs and not only one) and be present during training. At that you should feel at ease and do not hesitate to ask everything occurring to you.

When a trainer shows you his educatees you should ask:
  • Has someone got this dog and if positive, how old was the dog?
  • Did the dog take a training course before going to this trainer?
  • Does this dog need to be trained further from the point of the trainer’s view?
Unfortunately, attending training courses you may not be absolutely sure that your dog’s achievements you are observing are the deserts of this very trainer. Indeed, it is possible that before dealing with this man, the dog has been somehow trained. We consider a simple analogy: a trainer drives the car that was not constructed by him. There are a lot the trainers who are unable to “prepare” a good dog and it is a bitter truth.

If you decide to start with a puppy then in this case when choosing a trainer you should know the history of the dogs which a trainer submits to your consideration. Trainers are often very busy and have a packed schedule, so do not presume upon their time. One hour is quite enough to understand the most essential reasonably well. (of course if you will not be invited to stay more).

For this period you should manage to pay attention to the following:

  • if a training ground, the equipment and the tools are kept clean;
  • if the ground is too spacious for the dogs to move along it freely or be aside if they are not engaged in training;
  • if there are all-weather shelters;
  • how the dogs feel while being in the ground, you should evaluate their behavior and mood;
  • what is the food to be given to the dogs and what is the feeding schedule (in cold weather one should feed dogs before dark. It is forbidden to feed a dog just prior to training or right after it.
When you’re in the training ground, please try to understand which temper is prevailing among the dogs being trained here. Sometimes you may see that dogs are cheerful and joyful during training. It goes without saying that dogs vary in their natures and temperament, however if it appears to you that fear and shyness are dominants in their behavior it is hardly worth bringing your future pet here. You had better keep aloof from such places.

Do familiarize yourself with both training for obedience (general course) and also the technique of special guard training. But keep in mind that you can’t expect a young dog to be perfect.  Even being a beginner you will be able of course provided that you are going to be too attentive, to understand a great deal. Primarily turn your attention to that whether the dogs undergo extra hard training or, on the contrary, the method to be applied lacks supervision.  


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