Stunning Quality Dog Chrome Plated Pinch Collar - 50136 (02) 1/11 inch (2.25 mm)

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  • Model: HS34#1029 50136 (02) (2.25) Collar with swivel

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Marvelous Dog Obedience Training Pinch Collar

Not satisfied with your pet's behavior? Think he needs to be taught? The collar, you will find here will not only give him a lesson but also help you to raise a dutiful pet. It is perfect for obedience training and behavior correction, therefore, is very popular among the dog trainers. The collar combines excellent design, efficiency, adjustability and stylish look. If purchasing it, you will achieve a high grade accessory and will teach your four-pawed friend be docile. Hurry up and do not lose your opportunity to solve the bothering problem!

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  • Tool is resistant to rust and corrosionGorgeous Dog Pinch Collar
  • The surface of the accessory has bright shineStartling Dog Pinch Collar

Key features of this Dog Collar:

  • Chrome plated steel
  • Prongs symmetrically arranged around the collar
  • Bright shine
  • Smooth surface
  • Consists only of welded parts
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Scissor type snap hook
  • Swivel for better handling and leash attachment
  • Extra strong

Intended use of this Dog Collar:

  • Obedience training
  • Safe walking pinch collar

Sizes available:

  • 16 inch (40 cm)
  • Prong's diameter - 1/11 inch (2.25 mm)


  • Chrome plated steel

Please be advised that:

  • For choke collars please specify neck and head circumference of your dog in the widest part.
  • We will make best fit collar for your dog based on the sizes you will provide.
  • If your dog is a puppy, please note, that as he grows up, you will have to purchase bigger size choke collar.

The use of the supply will help you to avoid such problems of pulling leashes, barking at the other dogs and people, lunging and chasing small animals. It is manufactured from the durable stuff that can stand heavy load of the large pets and will not break under their pulling force.
The item will serve you for ages and gladden your eye with its silver-like shine. Know how it is reached? Herm Sprenger uses special technique of chrome plating that makes its products glossy and decorative. The material contains no harmful chemicals and is completely safe to the doggy. He will not get any allergy or skin irritation and will not suffer from various diseases.
The design of the gear is a little bit scary. It has inside prongs that are intended to pinch the dog if he pulls the lead. But you shouldn't worry as they are blunted and will not hurt pet too much. The prongs will just warn the pet that his actions are not welcomed. Be sure, he will stop misbehaving immediately.
Please, note:

  • We do not recommend to apply this product for little puppies and small dog breeds.
  • Do not leave your pet without attention in the collar. He may hurt himself.
  • It is possible to order removable nylon protector that is intended to lessen contact with water, make the item less noisy and save it from excessive sunlight. Moreover, the gear will look more like an ordinary collar.
  • If you need a collar of another size, check the table, please:

    Other Sizes Available Link to Product Page
    1/9 inch (3.00 mm) link diameter Dog Pinch Collar 21 inch (53 cm) long
    1/8 inch (3.25 mm) link diameter Dog Chrome-Plated Steel Pinch Collar 33 inch (58 cm) long
    1/6 inch (3.9 mm) link diameter Pinch Collar 25 inch (65 cm) long

    Check out HS collar

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