If you buy a working dog you should understand the following...

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If you have a family and you want to spend your money in the best way you are recommended to buy a puppy. Provided that you will be able to find time and acquire patience this is the best variant then. By the same token you will know everything as for your dog and set affections upon it properly.

Besides, many imported dogs often were contained in cages as they are made ready for exhibitions or competitions. If you compare the dog purposefully trained for protection of house and family with exhibition or athletic one brought up in an open-air cages you will see a great difference in their obedience, behavior, etc.

Family that does not have time and desire to monkey with a puppy may opt for a native dog that completed common training course. Eventually, 50% of such dogs in regard of this or that parent bloodline originate from Europe anyway.

If the dog does turn to be all right you will have to deal directly with seller instead of getting at somebody who is beyond the seas. It goes without saying that in this case a good importer will take his dog back but so soon as a local dog breeder or a dog trainer.

So, no matter if you buy a puppy or an adult dog, home or imported one, you should examine its health and nature before completing the deal. Do not also forget to come in contact with a dog trainer in advance.

Even if you have bought already well-trained dog, anyway, you will have to train it more in your house in order the dog should understand that it must guard just this dwelling. And, finally, it should be emphasized that you yourself also feel the need of education in order your relationship with your dog should be successful and friendly.

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