Are you aware of your responsibility before law?

Responsibility and Legality

Usually when the conversation drifts to working dogs we imagine a creature with grinned chaps. On the one hand without having that a dog would not be able to guard you because its appearance itself or the growl is able just to warn a criminal against possible attack and this oftentimes is not enough. But, on the other hand, namely this character living in our imagination gives rise to the fact that many people are afraid of having a tracker dog at home.

Those who all the time have engaged in training of tracker dogs and they deem it duty to notify a dog owner about difficulties emerging while having such dogs. But there will be a distinct edge between the prejudices and wrong interpretation of the facts. There are the proofs that most accusations to which tracker dogs are subject happen in regard to untrained dogs.
Next time when you will hear a regular accusation towards any tasks dog you should certainly inquire: “Is it a well-trained dog or not?” This moment is of principle, because many people classify dogs only by breeds. Many, for example, are apt to treat their German Shepherds as police dogs, though these dogs do not copper at all and have not taken proper training course.
Does our responsibility increase while having a working dog? Concerned with the topic people often receive a lot of questions on this and they constantly answer: “Yes!” But it can’t be otherwise.  If you’re, let us say, purchasing a house, can’t you have got extra troubles? This all is in the day’s work that you are an owner of the house, weapon or guard dog and that you are responsible for everything you possess.

If you override someone being in the driver’s seat, the responsibility juridically will fall on you but not your car.  As well as you are responsible for your dog if it inflicts injury to anyone.
It is illegal and dangerous to air a dog without the leash in public places where it can bite another dog or a person, or to tear somebody’s clothes, etc.

Dog place is inside the house or behind the fence of your location which must too high to prevent little children or undesirable guests from entering the territory guarded by this dog. In some states the law requires to install additional printed messages wherever one can get into the area if there a dog there.
More simply, if you are not ready to take responsibility for your dog, it is not worth having it at home. A person, who does not want to be responsible for his dog or just afraid of it, had better forget about having any dog, especially a working one.


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