Evaluation of Doberman's nature and sickness susceptibilty

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Both America and Germany carry out dog expertise in accordance with the same breed standards however USA’s refereeing is subject to outside influences. The dog with massive skeleton and deep chest would have got also good assessments in 70s but in 90s such dogs are considered insufficiently graceful.
However deep chest comprises a fair-sized heart and lungs, such dog will be more strong and vociferous (loud warning barking is often too essential), will have more powerful jaws and according to Schutzhund standards the dog must bring a thrown object weighing 2 kg.

When famous trainers were asked about the diseases to which Doberman dogs are more susceptible the answer was the following:

“Though dysgenesia is not peculiar to Dobermans these dogs must have certificate OFC anyway. This dog breed is susceptible to diseases of thyroid gland and heart, as well as the dog has some problems with its spinal column especially in neck regions”.

At the same time experienced trainers say that all the messages which tend to abuse Doberman dogs as if they more than other dog breeds attack their owners do not contain any true facts. Any dog if it is not all right with it or if it is treated illy may bite own master. Dog breed itself has nothing to do with that.
In whole Dobermans easily adjust to new environment and get along well with new family members. They are quick, energetic; these dogs always want to be useful for their owners. As a rule, the problems arise only in this case and with those dogs that were isolated from their families due to some reasons.

Dogs of this breed very need attention and attempt to attract it by using all available means. Even if you swear at them or punish them it is easier for them to tolerate by contract to complete absence of care and attention. Dobermans may bark, earn and gnaw something only on account of melancholy. They may jump on the door in order to be noticed by you.
It is curiously enough to consider that during tests that are held by America club of Dobermans-Pinschers annually, no more than 25-30% of dogs are able to pass the tests on physiological equilibrium (it is an evaluation of Doberman’s reaction under different pressures and stresses: opening umbrella, walking on plastic covering, shot, approaching of unfamiliar person, cry, etc.).

At that one should take into account that during the trials only those dogs can participate in which owners’ believe in their ability to stand similar tests. But the majority of dog owners plainly do not believe in this chance. 

Dog trainers absolutely do not want that any reader of this information should think that it is a critic in regard to American breeders. However, situation with dog Doberman says about the other moments. Today in USA as distinct from Europe, you can hardly encounter generally accepted rules on dog breeding.

This means that every person who is interested in mating of two dogs has the possibility to pair these dogs without being afraid of consequences or following like penalty. The most important and primary problem in USA is absence of least control over breeding work.

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