Dog-defender of house and family

Dog-defender of house and family

    Nowadays when atmosphere of cruelty and growing violence is reigning almost everywhere and people more than ever begin to think about necessity to protect themselves and their relatives. And one of the possible ways is a guard dog. You may also choose a firing arm, different alarm systems and learning of martial arts. Besides, there are particular agencies providing protection of those who need it and is willing to pay for it. But in general the choice is too limited.

Those, who have chosen the dog as a protection means usually put a lot of questions; so, here is some information on these moments, you are going to know actual state of things and about myths connected with military working dogs, but also about that civil and legal responsibility which are fixed with owners of guard dogs. Step by step you will know total route of the owner of such dog- starting from choosing of a puppy up to special training. As well you will read interesting true stories about guard dogs.

Chapter 1

Guard dog-what does that mean?

Recently newspapers and television contribute a lot of time to the problem connected with aggressive dogs. But what is in the end? On the one hand, boogily-woogily public has received the impression that under present-day circumstances it is quite a wise decision to acquire an aggressive dog.

On the other hand, since journalists from time to time inform about dog attack on people, now many are convinced that all “aggressive breeds” must be hunted out our cities forever to the end that innocent victims should not suffer.

However that person who has to do dogs, knows very well: on all similar situations it is not a dog who is guilty but its owner.There three things that distinguish a guard dog from just a malicious dog: breed, ability to behave in public and education. If you miss even one of these three components, you will have potentially dangerous animal.
Majority of publications about aggressive dogs contain typically tracer dog breeds: Rottweiler, German Shepherd Dog and Dobermann- Pincher. But statistics claims that among the dogs most frequently hitting on people, the first and the second place belong to accordingly Cockers and Poodles. At first sight it seems surprising.

But if to remember that just these two breeds are most popular in USA, then there is nothing striking at all there. You-know-what, neither Poodle, nor Cocker is unable to traumatize a person in the same way how large dog breeds can. That is why you will never hear about a Poodle biting a child by the face.

But if, instead of the Poodle, there will be, for example, German Shepherd Dog in this situation, a probability of publicity will increase gradually. There will be conformations to be pointed out below, that in such cases dog breed is of no importance. All depends on selection, proper management and treatment of a dog.
As a rule, guard dog is an amicable and loving creature. Its nature is balanced, such dog is capable to play with a man and be attached to him/her the same as any other dog. If there is something distinguishing these dogs from the others then it is their very grown instinct of guard of everything they considers to be theirs.

As well a hunting instinct is well developed in them. The latter is observed in their passionate desire to chase a ball non-stop or have a shot at the game “Tag-of- war”.  These instincts require that education of a puppy should take its start in early puppyhood.

Otherwise these instincts may turn against you if they were not placed in frames in time.Early in life such dogs try to taste everything. They bite all and sundry and cannot be blamed for it: none of dogs is able to become familiar with difference between valuable things and valueless ones.

Military working dog breeds are apt to fuss about and can bite you by your clothes, hands, ankles without effort. It must be cut short. To teach a puppy to behave properly is a most important component part of all training program.

What guard dogs can do and what they can’t?

The major task for guard dog is to premonish about possible aggressor. It is enough for such dog to be present or behave dangerously being behind the fence of your site, at your home or in a car. Just the appearance of such dog makes a criminal think and look for something easier for himself.
However it would be a mistake to suggest that an untrained dog will become your dependable protector only due to its breed. There are a plenty of documentarily witnessed cases when Rottweilers, German Shepherd Dogs, etc allowed thieves enter the house without obstacles and take away properties and jewelries from there. 

Before all, analogical casi are accounted for lack of training. A dog must be aware of this or that behavior depending on certain situation and it is to be taught as well as the dog must know to what things it should respond and which it shouldn’t.
If dog is in the yard, outdoors, than a criminal has the advantage over the dog: he may start speaking to it tenderly and to attempt to psych it. If dog will be showered stones on, it will be searching for a shelter instinctively, like you will act if you were in the dog’s case. Besides, the dog is unable get to grips with a criminal when he is on the other side of the fence.
On the contrary, if dog is in the house, then it is already in advantageous position in comparison with any offender. Here it is protected by everything it must guard. In order to get to it and penetrate into the house, a criminal must reveal himself and that makes the dog’s state more beneficial.

Here is the following case that took place: Mastiff gnawed up an offender’s hand when this man tried to open a glass door from within after breaking the glass in it. On returning home, Mastiff’s owner found this hand lying on the chair near the door. It is not worth telling that nothing was stolen.



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