Advantages of male dogs in comparison with female

Sex: bitch or male?

This a typical question in regard to working dogs: what sex is more preferred?  Many have the preconception and think that one of the sexes is better. Generally, males have the advantage of bitches as they are more suitable for being guard dogs of course.

They, as a rule, are bigger and physically stronger, they do not have loop of thermal control and hormonal alterations every six months. They do not need to care for their posterity if such situation may arise. That is why majority of the dogs involved in K-9 service are males.

However, there were some bitches that showed such good results during training that could be masters of the males far ahead. But if the question is about working abilities of a guard dog then these depend on dog nature above all things. Shortage of strength and weight may be balanced out by conscientious attitude to the deal as we as by persistence.
If your dog is gonna live at home then in this case you had better have a bitch. Bitches are smaller and more cleanly, more endurant of children and strangers. With male you will have more problems. He, for example, will be tracing your flat if you do not teach him to lie on his rug while his being in house.   

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