Do not buy a dog from BYBs

Supposing you bought an undesirable puppy

It is quite possible as many people underestimate an importance of the choice. A puppy may grow up but never make a good working dog due to temperamental deformities or on account of some health problems resulting in its low-level mode of life.

Bad treatment or negligence may spoil even a good dog. That is why it is so important to put your family wise about selection, education and training of a puppy.

Adult dogs

In order to avoid disappointments during training of a puppy you are recommended to buy a young dog. It is just one method for dealing with this problem. Buying a dog that is 9-24 months old gives some advantages. You will be confident of its temperament; also you will be able to examine its health, state of hip joints, etc. 

Lethal diseases are unlikely to appear at this dog age.  When buying a young dog with the help of individual men, breeder or importer you receive two most important guarantees: the possibility to show the dog to a vet and dog trainer in order that they should evaluate its physical state and nature.

It will take from 4 days to 2 weeks for you to make that procedure. At that you should agree with a seller on the possibility to give his dog to him back provided that during this period nothing bad happens with the dog. Some dog sellers insist on being present when their pet is examined as they want to make sure that it is healthy; so you should not be embarrassed due to that reality.

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