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So, it is high time to know that your future depends on your choice. Will your choice make a dependable guardian of house and family?

Your choice

Unfortunately, people often examine this matter no more seriously than the purchase of a new razor or a fen for hair setting.  Decisive role as often as not belongs to the exclamations such as “Oops! It is so cute dog! Let us buy it right now!”

No, no and one more time no!!

If you are going to have a new family member (undoubtedly it is a dog) you must have with it in happiness and harmony for 120 years at least. This will involve your everyday cares and worries therefore do not grudge efforts when you make up your mind to buy a puppy or an adult dog.  

First of all you should take up a decision on dog breed that is more preferable for you and your family. If you think that you need not only a fiend but also a bodyguard you are certain to look for a candidate for this appointment among the representatives of tasks and shepherds dog breeds that have been purposefully bred for centuries for both guard and watch services. 

Within the frame of this article it is quite impossible to discuss all the existing dog breeds, their merits and demerits. However, if you opt for some dog breed you should thoroughly study and evaluate its characteristics, consider all “pro and contra” on the consumption of those qualities that you choose just for your dog. 

All dog breeds have both advantages and disadvantages. But if the problem lies in dog breed then you should choose the best one without caring for a price. A father of one dog trainer said: “In order to feed decrepit horse one should spend the same amount of money as for feeding of pedigreed horse.”

Though the quotation has to do with horse the same situation goes with dogs.  You must understand that when buying a dog for protection of house and family you should avoid purchasing the first comer. Do look for the best!! Indeed you won’t buy an old horse with a view to its winery upon the races!

Qualitative characteristics must be of paramount importance when choosing a guard dog. These are not general features of this or that dog breed but they are rather functional, working abilities.

It is possible you will meet an underbred dog that can do what you want but it is scarcely probable than when you turn to respectable cynological clubs working in accordance with relevant breeding programs.

Below you will find the breeds that are recommended to choose (only some of potential candidates are shown here):
  1. Rottweiler - very big (45-60 kg), more sluggish than other dogs, very powerful.
  2. German shepherd - big (30-45 kg), mobile, very enduring.
  3. Malinois – middle-sized (22-43 kg), very dynamic, smart.
  4. Dutch shepherd dog - middle-sized (22-43 kg), very vital, dexterous
  5. Groenendael - middle-sized (22-35 kg), nervous, smart.
  6. Tervuren - middle-sized (22-35 kg), nervous, dexterous.
  7. Bouvier des Flandres - large (35-45 kg), slow, needs regular cleaning.
  8. Doberman-pinscher - large 935-45 kg), quick with excitement, nervous, dexterous.
  9. Boxer - middle-sized (22-35 kg), slow, with “short” breathing.
  10. Bullmastiff- large (35-45 kg), slow, stubborn
  11. Akita - large (35-45 kg), slow, stubborn, independent.
  12. Dogue de Bordeaux - very big (36-48 kg), more slow than majority of other dog breeds, persistent, cruel.
  13. Tamaskan Dog - 25-45kg and are very similar to the german shepherd training wise
As it was said above all variants are just impossible to consider. The quoted list includes only most probable candidates.


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