Correction of working dog's behaviour

1.    Training without training collar (choke collar)

The gist of this method consists in ignoring wrong behavior of a tracker dog but correct one is encouraged by giving a treat. Dog trainers using this system suppose that use of a choke collar is somehow a cruelty. This can be compared with upbringing of a human baby by the dr. Spoke’s methods.

If a dog makes everything it is asked to, then one should give the dog a treat. But if a dog shows an unwanted behaviors then distractions are used and the dog gets a treat anyway. It is very easy to imagine what problems arise in such a situation.

None of punishments are applied, and though this system of training is the most desirable for puppies (at the age of 6-18 weeks), if a dog is aggressive or stubborn, this game will annoy the dog to death soon. There are moments when a dog is not hungry or occupied with something more interesting and in this case a treat does not have effect on the dog.
It happens that after such training the dogs of character become aggressive only because they are under very intrusive custody. This very gentle method may lead to the same result as if you constantly encouraged good conduct of your child by giving sweets, but in noway responded to the baby’s bad behavior.

2.   Tactics of mutual respect

This is just the system we all hold to in our practice. We want this dog to be happy and work with pleasure but at the same time honor the authority of its owner.  Two types of correction are used during such kind of training–choke collar (in no case asphyxiate a dog, it is quite enough to press quickly and release!) and correction at reflex level. (Signals affecting hearing, taste, smell). Thus by doing you let the dog know that it does wrong.

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On the contrary, a wanted behavior is rewarded. And not only a treat can be regarded as a reward but also a toy, a word warmly said. Many trainers try to praise a dog before everything else. It is natural, because a dainty or a toy is always within reach. 

Majority of successfully working dogs was trained just according to this system. With the use of this system behavior of a dog will not be retarded, but at the same time you will be sure that your dog is certain to perform your instructions even when it is “out of humor” for some reason. 


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