Puppy Sleeve Made of Strong Yet Safe for Your Dog or Puppy Jute


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  • Model: PS2J#1029 Puppy sleeve made of Jute

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Extremely Durable and Lightweight Stitched Jute Bite Sleeve for Puppies

Puppyhood is the most careless, cheerful, active and at the same time vulnerable period of dog's life. They are like our children. So, being hurt once they would never like to experience the same feeling one more time. Being wounded with one equipment during training session they will reject training with any other stuff. Choose training outfit carefully in order to overcome troublesome experience.
Not to cause you any discomfort we would like to advise this Jute Bite Sleeve as one of the most harmless and comfortable dog tool. As far as it is made of natural jute linen it will not cause the diseases generated by low quality products. Be able to make your training sessions as much productive as possible!

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffReliably Stitched Durable Puppy Training Sleeve
  • Made of 100% dog safe materialsDog Training Bite Sleeve Made of Durable Stuff

Key features of this puppy sleeve:

  • Made of 100% dog safe materials
  • Very soft jute material
  • Advanced bite surface for puppies
  • Soft interior
  • Outside round handle
  • Inside padded hard handle
  • D-ring under handle for increased functionality
  • Wall hang loop - stay organized

Intended use of this puppy sleeve:

  • Introduction to bite work with sleeve
  • Working on bite drive
  • Playing with your dog to get your puppy into bite game

Hurry up to ensure your puppy's fruitful training with our high quality products!
The bite sleeve is designed according to the highest world standards and meets all the demands of the greatest trainers!
This supply is manufactured of durable jute fabric which does not contain any harmful chemical substances as far as it is made of natural jute stuff. So, using this tool will not result in allergy, skin irritation or rash. Besides, the canine will not damage his teeth when being trained with this sleeve because it has no metal or plastic outside parts at all. This fact decreases also the risk of having pet's oral cavity or snout wounded. Assure puppy's safety with high grade equipment!
The materials used for the supply are not only totally safe but very durable also! Our masters stitched this sleeve with strong nylon thread for its parts not to tear apart. It means that you will enjoy the long service of this outfit for ages!
Owing to the light weight of the gear you will prolong the time spent on training sessions. You will not get soon tired. Besides, the products fits both of your arms wonderfully and that's why you can change the arm during sessions. Moreover, it is supplied with nylon strong outside handle and padded hard inside handle which allow to use the tool for off-arm training. You will be able to complicate the tasks for your doggy.
Please, note, that this is not a chewing toy and you should not allow your puppy to chew it in order not to damage the item. Use it for training purposes only!

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