Puppy Sleeve Made of Strong French Linen


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  • Model: PS2F#1029 Puppy sleeve made of french linen for both

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Wonderful French Linen Bite Sleeve for Puppy Training

Training a puppy needs much attention and only top notch equipment. It is not an easy task to teach him properly and to find the gear that will correspond to his abilities. If you are going to introduce your pet into the world of professional bite training, this French linen bite sleeve will become a trustworthy helper in it! Tools made of this material are often used by the beginners and the results will be striking! Prepared to be punch-drunk? Order this stunning bite sleeve!

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  • Outstanding design of the accessoryGreat Bite Sleeve for Puppies
  • Pleasant bite surface for puppiesWell-Constructed French Linen Bite Sleeve

Key features of this puppy sleeve:

  • Very soft material
  • Made of 100% dog safe materials
  • Advanced bite surface for puppies
  • Soft interior
  • Outside round handle
  • Inside padded hard handle
  • D-ring under handle for increased functionality
  • Wall hang loop - stay organized

Intended use of this puppy sleeve:

  • Introduction to bite work with sleeve
  • Working on bite drive
  • Playing with your canine to get your puppy into bite game

We believe it is the best sleeve to start training with a puppy. The supply is manufactured from the strong yet safe stuff for the canine's health. French linen is non-toxic synthetic fabrics. It is dog-friendly and often used for the production of bite tugs and sleeves. So, the stuff is use-proven and your puppy will not get any health problems when he's trained with it.
The tool has an incredible design. It can fit perfect both of your arms and your doggy will get used to biting left and right hand. The product has the surface that is pleasant to bite and will not damage his teeth or hurt his oral cavity. The supply is stitched thoroughly to increase its durability. It will not be damaged soon.
The sleeve is equipped with 2 handles: outside and inside. Therefore, it is possible to use the gear as a multi-functional too to make the activities with your puppy more varied. There is a small nylon loop stitched to the sleeve on the inside. It is intended to hang the item somewhere where you can see it and stay organized for the pet's training sessions. The sleeve is easy to care about!
Please, mind that you shouldn't leave your doggy alone with the sleeve in order to not let him damage it.

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