Dog bite developer cuff made of French Linen with handle


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  • Model: PSC3F1029 Dog bite developer cover (Dog bite developer cuff)

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Breathtaking Quality French Linen Bite Developer for Dogs

Do you need a trustworthy cover for a bite sleeve? The tool, we present on this page, is the brightest example of quality and functionality. Thanks to the perfect characteristics of material, it is made of, the cover can be used as a sleeve protector and bite developer. The tool features utmost durability and tear-resistance. You can be sure, it will satisfy your pet's needs completely and will be effective during the process of teaching. So, get this incredible supply and enjoy your canine's progress!

The tool has nylon loop for you to stay organized

Reliable Bite Builder for Dog Training

Key features of this Dog Bite Builder:

  • 100 % dog safe materials
  • Handmade
  • French Linen material
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Outside control handle
  • Hand stitched supply

Intended use of this Dog Bite Builder:

  • Grown-up dog training
  • Stronger grip training
  • Can be used as a bite sleeve

Hurry up to provide your doggy with the equipment of utmost quality! This unbelievable bite cover and bite builder in one will help you to assure efficient training of your doggy! The tool features great durability, tear- and wear-resistance. So, be sure it will be your trustworthy helper for long. The cover will protect the bite sleeve you use for educating your canine and will be also good as a separate supply.
The cover is made of French linen, a synthetic stuff that is used for manufacturing different dog training equipment. The composition of the material doesn't include any toxic substances, therefore, is completely safe for the health of your pet. What is more, as far as the item has no plastic or metal parts outside, it will not result in snout injuring or teeth damage.
The gear is pleasant to bite, so your pet will always go in for training gladly. The cover is supplied with a nylon outer handle. It allows to use the item in the off-arm training and to manipulate the tool perfectly. Getting this incredible accessory you will be excited after each training and your doggy will show incredible results! So, hurry up to add this bite cover to your shopping cart!

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