Excellent Bright Rubber Sound Ball for Dog Training


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  • Model: TT16#1029 (2 1/3 inch) Rubber Ball with bell inside

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Super Durable Rubber Ball with Inside Bell for Having Fun with Your Dog

Would you like to make your canine's daily routine brighter? Our Rubber Ball with Bell Inside will help you to add sound and color into your pet's walking and training. It is very important to know that there is no need in your participation in dog's entertainment. The ball is easy to roll by pushing it with the pet's paws or thrusting with snout. So, all you need is to look at your doggy from time to time for him not to get injured. There is a bell inside the gear that just drives dogs crazy and your four-legged friend will be always eager to play with the toy.
Get this superb rubber ball and have fun when watching your pet playing!

Bright design of the color for high spirits

Premium Quality Rubber Ball with Bell Inside

Key features of this Dog Ball:

  • Non-toxic rubber material
  • Bright design
  • Bell inside
  • Rubber bumps
  • Excellent quality

Intended use of this Dog Ball:

  • Playing
  • Training
  • Having fun
  • Massages dog's gums
  • Cleans dog's teeth

Sizes available:

  • 2 1/3 inch (6 cm) in diameter

Available colors:

  • Colors may vary

If you think that your canine lacks proper equipment, we would like to introduce you our high grade full rubber ball with bell inside. The gear will help you to provide your pet's gums with massage which is important for dental hygiene. It has dotted surface so, you shouldn't worry about the canine's oral cavity.
The ball is made of thoroughly selected rubber that is totally safe for the pet's health. It features amazing quality and contains no harmful chemicals that can lead to allergy, skin irritation and other diseases. Furthermore, as the accessory contains no outside metal and plastic parts, it will not damage dog's teeth and wound his snout.
The item is made of solid rubber and is almost impossible to bite through. It is very durable and will serve your canine for ages. So, he will always be happy as his favourite toy will accompany him wherever he goes.
Are you afraid that your four-pawed friend will lose the ball? Stop worrying! Due to the bright coloring, the gear will hardly be lost. It will attract your sight and you will easily find the toy among other stuff.

  • Always check the ball before offering it to your canine. Do not allow your pet to play with the damaged item as he may hurt himself.
  • Remove all tags, stickers and threads before giving the ball to your dog.
  • Wash the accessory from time to time to remove dirt and dust.
  • The supply is not intended for chewing. Keep an eye on your pet when playing with the ball.

Take a look at rubber ball in 3D

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