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  • Model: TT7##1029 (2 inch) Dental hygiene dog ball

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Practicable Dog Training Chewing Toy

Did you know that the main reason of bad breath in dogs is lack of dental hygiene? Do you want to correct your mistake and get the gear that will assure your pet's oral health? Pay attention to this special rubber ball! The tool is designed to fight bad breath, prevent plaque and tartar. It has special craters that help to remove food pieces and the bacterias that cause different diseases. Besides, the item has pleasing mental smell that will definitely be to your liking. Take care of your dog's health!

Dog training rubber ball

Small Dog Rubber Ball with Menthol Smell

Key features of this Dog Rubber Ball:

  • Excellent quality rubber
  • Rubber studs
  • Durable and practicable
  • High-quality product
  • Absolutely safe for the dog

Intended use of this Dog Rubber Ball:

  • Supports dental hygiene
  • Prevents tartar
  • Prevents plaque
  • Massages dog's gums
  • Fights bad breath

Sizes available:

  • Small - 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter
  • 1 4/5 oz (40 g) in weight

Available colors:

  • Blue

This ball is constructed of the premium quality rubber. The material is friendly to the health of your canine and is allergy-free. Thus, your furry friend will not get allergy, skin irritation, rash or itching because of it. The stuff is also very strong and flexible to guarantee long service of the item. It will definitely stand your dog's powerful bites, but note that it is still not meant for chewing.
While playing with this rubber ball your four-pawed friend will not only have a pleasant pastime but also will keep his oral cavity in order. Due to the special craters on the surface of the ball, the teeth of your canine will be cleaned. Moreover, the item massages dog's gums and fights bad breath as it has mint flavor. The toy is of a pleasant blue color that attracts attention and makes the ball impossible to lose in the grass. Buy this smart training tool and enjoy healthy and happy look of your dog!
Please, mind:

  • You shouldn't let your pet chew the ball as it is intended for Schutzhund, retrieve and more advanced types of training, not for chewing.
  • Always check the toy before giving it to the pet. Do not let him play with a damaged item.
  • Remove all threads and tags before you offer the product to your dog.
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