Stunning Agitation Whip for Dog Training


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  • Model: TE10#1029 Schutzhund Agitation Whip

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Agitation Dog Whip that Leads to Success

Do you try to keep to the advice of professional dog trainers? The item we would like to present here is acknowledged all over the world. It will become a trustworthy support in everyday dog teaching and will help to achieve the unthinkable! So, if you train service, police, military dogs or you want to take part in Schutzhund competitions, this agitation whip will be of great use! It makes some special noise to keep the canine's attention on the commands of a trainer. Teach your pet to obey you and have no problems in any competitions!

Has a hang loop to stay organized

Leather Covered Dog Agitation Whip

Key features of this Dog Training Whip:

  • leather covered handle grip
  • hang loop
  • proper flexibility
  • light weight
  • removable drop and popper

Intended use of this Dog Training Whip:

  • Schutzhund training
  • agitation training
  • bite sleeve training


  • wooden handle
  • leather covering


  • black

The body of the tool is covered with full grain genuine leather and is quite flexible. The stuff is highly appreciated by vets as it doesn't cause any health problems. Besides, the material features high tear-resistance. The quality makes the tool ideal for heavy training. Being made of non-toxic ecologically safe stuff, the item doesn't threaten the pet.
Make the canine's usual training more efficient with this incredible agitation whip! It is intended for Schutzhund training, attack/agitation training and bite sleeve training. Strong item offers great flexibility and has a nice sharp pop. It is meant to serve you for long. A comfortable wooden handle of the whip is easy to hold and will not slip off your hands. It assures firm grip and will not let you down. The product comes with a rope whiplash and a popper but the drop and the popper can be either removed or replaced. The whip will serve you for long and is worth your attention. Get it and be sure that education will become much easier!

Take a look at agitation stick in 3D

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