Excellent Quality Leather Bite Tug for Dog Training


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  • Model: TE46#1029 Leather Dog Bite Tag

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Strong and Durable Leather Bite Tug for Productive Dog Training

Is your dog fed up with all those easy tasks suggested to him? Do you need a gear for his more profound education? The bite tug we are going to offer you is probably the best training tool you've ever come across. It is made of the prime quality leather, which is stuffed thoroughly with safe filling. This is a professional dog training item that is appreciated by many dog trainers all over the world. It will serve you for ages and has a rather affordable price. Huppy up to teach your canine with premium product!

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Made of soft genuine leather

Reliable Leather Dog Bite Tug

Extremely strong leather stuff

Handcrafted Leather Dog Training Bite Tug

Key features of this Bite Tug:

  • Made of genuine leather
  • Properly stuffed
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Stitched on the edges
  • 2 convenient handles
  • Safe for dog's health

Intended use of this Bite Tug:

  • Retrieve item
  • Bite skills improvement
  • Obedience training


  • Width - 4 inch (10 cm)
  • Length - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • Leather

The item is manufactured from the high grade stuff, which is pleasant to bite. It will do no harm to the pet's health as it contains no harmful chemicals. The gear features premium quality and is filled with safe stuffing. It is stitched manually, so that the filling will not fall out even when your dog's teeth are super sharp and strong.
The tool has no metal or plastic parts that can wound canine's oral cavity or snout. The bite surface is sturdy and hard to bite and tug. Nevertheless, it stimulates the dog to bite and tug it again and again in order to defeat his imaginary enemy. So, the gear can also be used for playing. It is tear-proof and has a long service life.
The accessory is supplied with 2 durable nylon handles, stitched to its sides. They are made of superb nylon stuff, which is resistant to mold, fungi, rot, insects, animals and many chemicals. Therefore, it is almost impossible to spoil them. These handles will help you to control training process without being injured.
Please, note:

  • The bite tug is rather huge, that is why it is intended for training adult dogs.
  • It is suitable for bite and retrieve exercises, obedience training and service dogs training. Do not allow your four-pawed friend to chew the product.

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