Long-term investigations of imported dogs by Kennel Owners

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Kennel owners have conducted investigations as for bloodlines of Rottweilers that sired best working dogs.  They voyaged to Germany times out without number in order to define necessary dogs and wanted breeders and eventually they bought two wonderful males.

In Germany these dogs were sold too unwillingly and for great sum of money. And down to here German breeders continue sending their bitches for mating with these males which have gained many dignities and captures participating in dog shows and competitions.

Many times some people  were heard to say such words in respect to all dog breeds, Rottweilers, German shepherds, Dobermans, Belgian malinuas, etc: “ They (place here any country) do not want to sell their best dogs. Basically, we get dogs-companions from them but in no case working representatives.

In order to buy good dogs one need to make investigations, have connections and mint of money”. It should be added that not in the least the trainers want to persuade you that non-European dogs are unable to become guard dogs. Each dog should be evaluated by those qualities that it has. But here is just handling by probabilities.

The descendants of imported dogs have the highest chances to come through all the levels of guard training successfully. It is fifty-fifty that a thoroughbred with obscure working abilities will take all training course. Bastards and half-breeds are least likely to become valuable working dogs (much depends on dog breed) but nevertheless it is probable. 
Anyway one should act according to a prefabricated plan. Do not follow your emotions. If you know what you want from the very beginning and do not grudge the time for achieving the objects in view, the risk of disappointment will be reduced to minimum in the event.

There is often one and the same question: “Why Dobermans are not used as police dogs in USA?” Two superiorly experienced dog breeders that specialize in Doberman breed were asked about that and they reported that America has only a few dogs of this breed that are really appropriate for police duty.

In 70s when Dobermans were extremely popular majority of dog breeders started to pay attention primarily to their appearance but not to working abilities. In fine, the best part of bred in USA Dobermans have easy on the trigger nervous system and unbalanced nature.

Exposure to fear which incites the dogs to aggression is the other important problem of Doberman breed these days. In order to overcome these demerits American dog breeders who specialize in Dobermans have to fall back upon their German colleagues’ help.
So, pedigreed dogs are to be tested for health and nature balance, have assessments “excellent” and “very good” in dog shows.

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