Acousticophobia, protecting and hunting instincts

Hunting instinct

Adult dog or a growing puppy should have good hunting instinct. You may check for its presence if showing a duster to a puppy and dragging it through in front of the dog. If puppy catches it and then starts tousling it and eventually will run away holding the duster between its teeth-it is a good sign.

Protecting instinct

You may evaluate protecting instinct of your puppy if observing it among its brothers and sisters-its behavior is sure to give you the answer. Look closely at its role in this company. Does it win while the puppies muck about with each other, dominate by a food bowl? Does it bark menacingly becoming anxious through apparition of a stranger?


Take bunch of keys and ring with them close by the puppy you have chosen. An appropriate candidate will not start back because of being frightened by the ring. It will find the nose origin and start to investigate it. If puppy catches the keys and runs away with them-it is a good sign.
You should be careful about the puppies which are:
  • Avoid communication;
  • Quake with fear when hearing noise or seeing a stranger;
  • Do not want to pursue “an escaping” toy or a duster;
  • Squeak or whimper when frightened;
  • Show the symptoms of discomfort


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