Bitches have their own advantages

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Usually, bitches are more sensitive and have more quick reaction if a thief or a burglar intrudes upon your leisure. However, males respond to physical impacts better than bitches. Therefore the best solution applied at the summit protection level is the team consisting of male and female.
The dog trained on-the-spot has a number of advantages over the dog imported from Europe provided that you want to have protection but not to be engaged in dog breeding.  You are better aware of an origin of such dog as well as principles of all its training. 

Something else again regarding the dog exported from Europe or imported from another part of a country: you will not be always able to know if this dog lived at home or in an open-air cage; whether children tormented it; whether cruel treatment was applied to it; whether it lived on its own in puppyhood.

It is quite easy to get all this information from a local dog breeder.

Difference in prices

The dog you will have chosen will live with you 10-12 years on the average will spare with you a dwelling and eventually will become the aim in your life. Therefore the price must be the one of the factors influencing your choice but in no case the only ground.

In this connection you are recommended one more time: 8 weeks puppy will turn to be a quite well-trained working dog only after two years of living with you. 

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