Lightweight and Sturdy Fire Hose Dog Bite Tug


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  • Model: TE5221029 Dog Bite Tag made of fire hose 2 handles

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Super Durable Fire Hose Bite Tug for Training Young Dogs

Is your puppy a bite tug addict? Are French Linen and jute accessories easy for him to bite? Do you search for something more durable and strong? We are sure that this handcrafted fire hose bite tug will comply with your and your canine's needs fully!
The tool is created from high class material - fire hose and equipped with two nylon handles. Thanks to the premium quality stuff the product corresponds to the world quality standards! It will suit perfectly for training purposes, playing and biting skills development. Don't you think you should hurry up to get it?

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  • Extremely lightweight stuffStunning Quality Dog Bite Tug
  • Tear-resistant exteriorBite Tug for True Dog Champions

Common features of this bite tug:

  • strong and reliable material
  • dog friendly stuffing
  • stitched on the edges
  • equipped with two nylon handles
  • non-toxic

Intended use of this bite tug:

  • playing
  • training
  • bite skills developing


  • width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm)
  • length - 12 inch (30 cm)

Material used:

  • fire hose

This bite tug will become a real godsend for those dog trainers who have started their pet's training from their puppyhood and want to get a more challenging supply for them. So, if your four-legged friend has rather developed bite grip, he will be glad to get the gear, made of fire hose, a stuff, that commonly consists of one or more outer layers of woven fabric with an inner layer of rubber. So, it is durable enough to withstand high pressure of your dog's biting and tugging.
The stuff contains no harmful chemicals, therefore is totally safe for the pet's health. So, the risk of allergies or other skin problems will be reduced to the minimum. Fire hose is very popular for producing dog training equipment because it is eco-friendly and well-known for its superior strength and durability. Owing to this, the accessories made of it, are tear- and wear-resistant, this one is not an exception. The tool is stitched carefully on the edges, therefore the stuffing will not fall out.
The bite tug is equipped with two comfortable loop-like handles that are easy to grab when training. They are made of nylon and will not rub your hands. These handles allow to carry the gear firmly and will provide you with extra comfort while training. The item can be used for bite and retrieve training. Furthermore, it will help you to develop your canine's biting skills.
Please, note!

  • The tool is intended for training dogs who have experience in bite training. If your puppy has never been involved into it, pay attention to jute and French linen equipment.
  • Do not leave your canine unattended for him not to spoil the bite tug and not to swallow the pieces of it.

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