Disciplinable Ultrasonic Dog Whistle


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  • Model: DTE4#1029 Ultrasound Dog Training Whistle

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Portable Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle

Are you tired of your pet's misbehavior during training sessions? Do you want to stop it for always? Try this ultrasonic whistle for obedience training! It was tested by the professionals and proved to be very effective. The gear is safe for the pet's health and can't do any harm for you as well. It produces the sound that makes your furry friend think twice before acting. The gear can be heard only by your pet and can't disturb the nearby people. With its help your canine will quickly achieve the aim. Make your pet's education productive with this premium training whistle!

Dog whistle for obedience training

Effective Chrome Plated Whistle for Dog Obedience Training

Chrome plated training whistle for dogs

Lightweight Dog Training Whistle

Key features of this Dog Whistle:

  • made of rust-proof metal
  • screw for tone adjustment
  • locking nut with chain
  • easy to carry

Intended use of this Dog Whistle:

  • professional training
  • learn the dog to obey commands

Sizes available:

  • 0.11 lb (50 g) weight
  • 1/5" X 4" (9 x 100 mm)


  • chrome plated steel
Dog whistle with tone level screw

Chrome-plated Dog Whistle with Screw for Tone Regulation

This whistle produces a supersonic signal that is heard only by a dog's ear. People near you will hear something like whispering or rustling.
There is a special screw inside the whistle which allows you to regulate the tone of the signal. During training you may give short, long or successive signals to your dog combining with certain commands. Later, he will get used to it and you will have no need to command. Just blow the whistle. It is very convenient while you are in a crowded place or just have a walk with your pet early in the morning.
The whistle is made of chrome plated steel. It makes the item durable and resistant to rust. The tool is equipped with a capsule on a short chain. The capsule allows you to keep the whistle clean.
The whistle has small size and you can carry it in the pocket. So, you can take it with you every time you go out with your doggie. Be sure that your furry friend will obey you everywhere!

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